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i went to federal way car toys an spent 4100 dollors on a stereo got the insurance an was sold a bad stereo that had to be sent out to be fixed was never told that would happen if something went wrong. they told me i would have to wait 8 to 12 week with out a stereo before i get mine back.

turns out after 5 week that the stereo was defective an is some where on it way back for the pass 3 day.

i also did not get everything i was told that they could do( put in )an when i asked they said it would cost more. the owner should just give them ski masks so you know you are be robbed when you go don't shop at car toys in fed way!!!!

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That's just how they operate. Once they make a sale they don't give a rip about the customer. Good luck getting referals or repeat business with service like that.

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