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I work graveyard and had just taken a trip for my kids to see their dad and always take my car to car toyz after because my car is always bad after thise trips. Exhausted and wanting my car clean.

Sometimes they do good, sometimes I am not happy. Yesterday I hand the guy 15 bucks, drive home and notice trash still around, nothing wiped and only front seats got vaccuumed, I drive a traverse. There was still trash and debree under seats from my trip. I called the manager and he said I could come down and rectify the situation.

As i pull in 10 min later there are three employees sitting outside and a truck that pulled off as i was getting to door that was locked. I turn to one guy as he is laughing at me for the door being locked and asked if that was his boss, he say yup! So I asked him why he would tell me to come down if he was leaving, another kid (that I have already had several issues with) tells me that its not their {{Redacted}} problem and I knew the store closed at 5 and called me a {{Redacted}}. I asked him to go look at my car and he told me to get the *** out of there and just verbally attacked me.

I am a regualar customer who pays my subscription every month and pays extra when i cant get to inside. I refuse to keep getting treated like this from the same person every time i have a problem. This is the 5th incident with him and this time he was off the clock so, it was apparently ok for him to talk to me like i am trash. Loading a few pics.

This is how it still looked when I left. I have four kids and, I dont appreciate being belittled and shamed after they did not do their job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Car Toys Interior Car Washing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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