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We went to the Plano Texas Car Toys to buy a Blu tooth system for my wife's car. We prepaid for a system not in stock 1 week prior to getting it installed. We were suppose to get a call when it arrived. The call never came. We went into the store a week later as agreed and were told it would be on e and a half to two hours install. One hour later we get a call and told that the mounting brackets were wrong but a correct set was being brought... Read more

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Car Toys - Badly Botched Car Audio Installation--2015 Rav4
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I took my 2015 Rav4 into Car Toys on Aurora Ave North in Seattle for an installation of a Kenwood DDX593 receiver/monitor (no navigation), that I also bought from them online. The end result was a lot of unnecessary hacking and damage to the factory wiring, missing factory functionality, and very unprofessional workmanship. I bought that receiver especially because it was compatible with all the factory equipment and functionality on that... Read more

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This place is a collection of hustlers and thieves. Good at getting your money. Everything is a add-on. After they get your money their done with you. They send your car out to the tweaker bay so the hacks can see how much damage they can cause. The term " Professional Installation" does not apply here. Don't expect a call when your vehicle is ready. There busy husteling new customers out of their money. I should have known better initially when... Read more

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I had work done by car toys in beaverton off tv hwy. i prepaid since they would have to get the stereo from another store. When they were done with the service they stated they could not get the internal amp to work and placed the extra components back on the shelf, 100.00 worth. also when i checked on display to verify the look while it was in the shop, the display was missing. when car was done, i asked for box and instructions. they had... Read more

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Car Toys - $2000+ in damage & they're ok with that
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I'll start by do a complete walk around before and after service. Honesty seems to be a real issue here. They sliced up my door panel of my dodge viper while installing door speakers. They didn't say a word. I went back to have them finsh a basic install that i was quoted 4-6 hours on and two and a half days later i pick up a unfinished car. I went back several months later to have them finish. (I am a very busy person with work and dont... Read more

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I attempted to get simple sensors put into my car. The experience took over a month with several days off for an install, "4 or more hours." The folks at Car Toys: forgot to order the parts, didn't remember how to install the parts, lost me in their system, wanted me to check back in a day and/or couldn't schedule a future appointment or bring up my account because, "their system was down." Car Toys (you guy's at the franchise) might want to... Read more

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This is the first time in my life I am writing review, I am really pissed off so couldn’t stop myself. I would give 0 stars if it is allowed in the website. 5 days back, I spilled a lot of tea on my car seat and carpet, went to car toys. They said uhhh we deal with this all the time, don’t worry we will get it fixed. And they promised me to clean & shampoo seat, carpet and truck for $125. They booked appointment after 4 days. When I went back... Read more

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Had a insurance claim where the repair shop unfortunately used Car Toys as the repair/replacement dealer. They stripped out my wiriing system and tried to blame insurance repair company, finally admitted they were wrong and fixed. Stereo still does not work right, not sure it ever will. but they keep trying to fix it is only 3rd time now. Nobody seems to care at the 102ns st location in Portland,Or supposedly there longest time employee... Read more

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I had a $1200 system put in my truck 10 days ago and out of the 10 days ive been back there 9 asking them to fix my speakers.On 1 day i went there one of the teck's refussed to work on it because another tec had installed it.Wow $1200 flushed down the drain

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I can not say enough about the service I received at the Car Toys at 7555 N. Academy Blvd. in Colorado Springs Colorado. These guys went above and beyond the call of duty to help me fix the stereo I had purchased 2 months prior at a Car Toys in Greeley, six hours from where I live. Being a senior citizen and not in the best of health, I did not want to have to travel another six hours again to go back to Greeley to get it fixed. When I was told... Read more

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