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After all the problems with customer service at cartoys in fort worth. After agreeing to install different unit for original cost (new unit was cheaper) Manager wanted to charge $300 more and when I refused threatened to call the police. Finally called the police myself and they listened to the facts and decided it was a civil matter and not criminal. Left without any instruction on use, manual or other necessary information. This is absolutely... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #966339

Wanted to get new stereo and speakers. Really didn't have budget limitation went to store in Fort Worth. Told me an hour...took 31/2. Got home and couldn't make navigation work. Went back next day and told it was the wrong unit for what I wanted. Wanted $275 to install new unit ( mgr waived) would make it priority for new install. 26 hours later not ready!!!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 12
  • #953900

Slowest service ever, always shop elsewhere before car toys

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OH MY GOSH what a horrible customer service experience this man should NOT be working with the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called got quote, 250 max i was told on phone sent the car in Gabe says $385 and must stay overnight for adhesive to take hold ok fine so i called to ask the simplest of questions Q. why is the cost so different than the quote, this *** became immediately defensive, nearly belligerent and refused to do the service ... Read more

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Need to make my first payment. My home mail is messed up. Jeff Henderson. Can i please make a payment online or over the phone. 415-518-9288. 9725 E. Harvard Ave. Unit T-309, Denver CO. 80231. Thanks Jeff

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Need your help to resolve a dispute have with store ( 17585 State Hwy 249 Willowbrook Houston Texas). Invoice # 01046WIDNAH 1/4/2016 History: Back in December 30th 2015 I purchased 2 Iphones (I6) with ATT Service. The promotion was Buy One Get One Free with $ 200 shopping spree. A day after I decided to change these phones to Androids ( Samsung S6) but due to the holidays I couldn't get back to the store until Monday 1/4/2016. The... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 17
  • #938318

This warning on buying a extended warranty from car toys is a shame. I am truly sadden by the way this US Army retired veteran is being treated by car toys here in Dallas TX The Wheatland store. I do not recommend to any one to do business with this store. If You do, Please don't buy the extended warranty on the product you buy from them. Money down the drain

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We went to the Plano Texas Car Toys to buy a Blu tooth system for my wife's car. We prepaid for a system not in stock 1 week prior to getting it installed. We were suppose to get a call when it arrived. The call never came. We went into the store a week later as agreed and were told it would be on e and a half to two hours install. One hour later we get a call and told that the mounting brackets were wrong but a correct set was being brought... Read more

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Car Toys - Badly Botched Car Audio Installation--2015 Rav4
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I took my 2015 Rav4 into Car Toys on Aurora Ave North in Seattle for an installation of a Kenwood DDX593 receiver/monitor (no navigation), that I also bought from them online. The end result was a lot of unnecessary hacking and damage to the factory wiring, missing factory functionality, and very unprofessional workmanship. I bought that receiver especially because it was compatible with all the factory equipment and functionality on that... Read more

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This place is a collection of hustlers and thieves. Good at getting your money. Everything is a add-on. After they get your money their done with you. They send your car out to the tweaker bay so the hacks can see how much damage they can cause. The term " Professional Installation" does not apply here. Don't expect a call when your vehicle is ready. There busy husteling new customers out of their money. I should have known better initially when... Read more

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